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German Shorthair Pointer Breeder
I first got started with German shorthairs through the influence of a man named Lenn Forbush of L.B.'s OHI kennels in LaGrange, Ohio. Lenn was a professional trainer and breeder who was highly respected in the AKC horseback field trial arena. Lenn produced and trained many field champions including L.B.'s OHI Shamless, an AKC National Field Champion, and one of the top producing stud dogs of the 1990s. Due to complications from a horse accident at the winter training grounds in Georgia, Lenn passed from this life much too soon. Lenn was a mentor to me; even though only for a short time, the wisdom he passed about the dogs will remain with me forever. One thing I will share is something that is very true and important to me that he said: "I can train a bird dog to do anything but you can't train desire—that has to be bred into them."
Shortly after Lenn's passing, I picked up and moved to West Virginia. There I met a new dear friend, Doug Henline. Doug, a brother in Christ, was also a trainer who dearly loves Setters. At first Doug was a little cold to my German shorthairs, but after a few hunting trips into the grouse woods he realized something: these dogs were different than the ones he had dealt with before. Being shown a German shorthair pointer that was full of heart and desire, hard-charging with a choke-bored nose, the diehard Setter man quickly approved. Doug bragged about my bird dogs on several occasions and always mentioned their intelligence. I didn't pay it much mind at first, but then one day after a hunt he flat out said it: "You've got a very special dog back there; he has all the tools but most important he has the brains to put it all together. You may spend your whole life and never get another as good as him!" What a compliment from someone who had trained grouse dogs for 30 plus years. Don't think I didn't take it to heart either.
That is where my commitment comes from: the commitment to produce a German shorthair pointer full of desire with the intelligence to use all of its tools. To continue a bloodline that was created by a master of the game, and to keep it true for years to come. To have a breeding program that will guarantee the results instead of hoping for the best. To produce a dog that can handle grouse in the woods and be a champion of the field, as well as a loyal companion. Two men from separate times of my life set me on the same path. That is not a coincidence, and I'm glad that I was able to see that. That's why I do what I do. That is why I demand quality and only accept perfection. I feel everything that I do and every  bird dog I produce is a reflection of these men. I don't have German shorthairs to sell pups, I don't field trial just to win titles, and I don't bird hunt just to kill birds. I do it because I love it and out of respect to the men who put a lot of time and effort into the dogs before mine. I do it for their memory and friendship. I thank GOD for the privilege to know them and the blessings I have received by just being around them. My goal is continue this legacy throughout my lifetime, so that I may pass the torch as it was passed to me.

Training German Shorthairs is My Passion