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Welcome to Mohr-Ohi German Shorthairs 

German Shorthair Pointer Breeding and Training

Lenn's Last Skunktail Buddy
NBDCA Doubles Champion
2008 Region 3 Doubles High Point Dog
Mohr-Ohi Tess
2010 National Amateur and Doubles  Semi Final winner
NBDCA Puppy Champion
2008 Region 3 High Point Puppy
5X UFTA Amateur Champion
7X UFTA Open Champion
3X UFTA Doubles Champion
2013 High Point Runner - Up
Who We Are
We at Mohr-Ohi are a small Christian family of five: my wife, two daughters and a son, plus our German shorthairs. We are not a German shorthair pointer puppy mill. All of our dogs are trained, hunted, and field trialed on a regular basis. We are hunters first. We pursue Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasant, and Quail in the wild. We travel across most of the Eastern US to do so. We do compete in field trials as a way to evaluate the quality of our dogs and training, as well as to supplement the amount of bird work in the non-hunting seasons. Our dogs have earned honors and championships in both the NBDCA and UFTA, qualifying and attending both World and National Championship field trials and other various bird dog events. Our dogs have also been showcased on national television with the Ruffed Grouse Society on a wild Woodcock hunt filmed at Cannan Valley Wildlife Refuge in West Virginia.
What We Are About
The dogs. We at Mohr-Ohi are about the quality and well-being of our German shorthairs. We have spent countless hours and dollars in order to produce a top quality bird dog. We only do selective planned  breedings. We believe in the Motherline theory of breeding,and have been very succesful at repeating genetics consistently, not accidentally.We do not inbreed ,however we do have an extensive line breeding program that includes frozen semen from previous top producing German shorthairs. Also,based on information provided by potential owners, prefer the opportunity to place puppies in order to give you the best genetically matched German shorthair pointer to suit your expressed desires. If we don't have what you are looking for, we don't want you to have one of our dogs. I have spent years with this bloodline and breed; if you tell us what you desire in your dog, I will match a bird dog to you. If you think that you can look at the pedigrees or a picture of the parents and pick genetics, you are wrong. Trust the breeder. 
   !!!!!!Breaking News !!!!!!!
I have recently Acquired all the LB OHI Kennels Inventory of Frozen Semen. I currently now own all the NFC L.B.OHI Shameless and L.B.OHI Scud in existence. The Semen has been moved to Peewee Valley KY. Straws are limited but available. Please contact me if you are interested in this Iconic Bloodline.
Chap and Lexy   2013 National Doubles  4th place Team (19 mo. old )